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    Advice For Men

    By / January 3, 2019

    Would you like to a hot girlfriend? If you are having a hard time finding a classy girlfriend, I would love to give you some first date advice. Every day I meet men at London escorts who really do not know how to handle a first date. As a matter of fact, it is not… Read more

    My Emotional Roller Coaster

    By / April 4, 2018

    I had been dating Alan for five years when I realized that our relationship was not for me anymore.. When we first met, I was not working for charlotte outcall escorts, and his crazy lifestyle did not matter so much. It did not take me very long to figure out that working for London escorts… Read more

    Show me some affection!

    By / March 28, 2018

    I hate guys who don’t show affection in public. One of my dates here at London escorts has just told me that he hates holding his girlfriend’s hand in public. It made me completely go off him in about five seconds flat. Public affection is really important to women, and I am not sure why… Read more

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