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    By / January 3, 2019

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    Complicated Romance With A Straight Woman

    By / April 30, 2016

    Growing up, I never fantasized about having sex with a woman; my ideal sex scenario was with a man, and so I maximized the opportunity. I believed that since I wasn’t attracted to women, they wouldn’t have any interest in me, but, I was wrong. My first sexual encounter was when she seduced me while we were watching television; she seduced me, and I obliged. For the next several months we slept together, and it became a perfect storm; I learned to tolerate the sex so that I could remain in the relationship and deny my gay world.

    Being with this beautiful woman was different, she was a perfect kisser. Other than the fact she was pretty, something in her aroused me, and I had an opinion about her body. I found myself loving her every curve and hitting her perky tits; I loved fingering her pussy. I looked forward to such episodes with her, and in her absence, I felt empty, really empty. Although she was aware I was gay, she loved me all the same. She knew me very well, from my faking orgasm to experimenting with titty-fucking, she was patient. I loved rubbing my erection all over her, and I learnt to slide inside her and bring her absolute pleasure. Then I began taking pleasure in bringing her pleasure, something I had never experienced before. Previously with other men, I had only concentrated on my own pleasure, not really caring if the other person felt good or not.

    Then inside me, something different started happening. The storm withered, and the real orgasm came. Despite all the episodes of our relationship being a sexual disaster, I can’t imagine looking back. We spent our days together talking, playing games and whenever I see her off, we share intimate kisses in the rain. What seemed like a gradual build-up feeling is now a revelation that we are in love. It’s been an interesting long journey of discovery, but we are definitely moving in together.

    This person makes me feel as though I would love her no matter if she was a woman or a man. I just love this person, and thankfully she loves me.

    I had been an openly gay guy for so many years while she was straight, but being with her brings me more comfort than all the boyfriends I’ve had. It just dawned on me that I have fallen in love!

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