We’ve been in a relationship for quite long and I decided to propose at my London escort

All of us has been waiting for our someone special to complete our life. When we finally meet them, we are attached directly, and it feels like we know them for a long time. I had never thought that I would fall in love with a person I never expected even on my dreams. When I was a child, I don’t believe in marriage since it is a waste of money and time just like what happened to my family. My father is born wealth and she gave my mom a grand wedding ceremony. Everything my father could offer is not enough to my mom but still cheat with him. It was ten years ago they finally divorced. Since that, I keep in mind that maybe love doesn’t exist and we make our life more complicated. I have a comfortable living since I am a hard working person and focus only on our business. I can pay on my pleasures and had anyone with me to satisfy my human needs. I never long for a girl since I am fan into sports and travel. I laugh to those of my friends who have to deal with their girlfriends and stop them going out. Poor people, I said. I stayed at New York and our business is base her. We have decided to make a branch across London, so I have to meet potential clients there to help me reach my goal. I have heard their beautiful escorts and wanted to try it myself. I have researched the most beautiful and recommended girl. I booked the lady and fly to London. It is breathtaking to meet her, and her beauty shines throughout. I love her good shape and seductive look. She doesn’t talk too much and I was speechless to her also. To break the ice, I made some jokes and finally she laughs. She is far different on the reviews I read, that day she seems sad and deep. It’s my first time to feel a person so, I have asked if she was okay and she nodded. I have made plans to do with her that night but I chose to respect her, instead of taking her to bed, I brought her to a beach that night where both of us can meditate. She is pleased of me since most clients she encounter wants her body. She expressed to me her sadness and I listen. I had learned to comfort someone and became interested in her. I am going crazy, so I pursued her. It took me months to court her and finally became official. I had to stop her working as London escort and send her to school. She finished her studies and helped her families too. Our relationship is smooth for eight years, and the love is still the same. I have decided to propose to her during our ninth anniversary. Our wedding schedule is at the end of the year.

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